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krowchitecture's Journal

houses for your sims, from Krow
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Here we have a small archive of houses that have been used in Krow at some time or another, accompanied by the occasional house that I built because I was bored.

They are only for TS2, and are generally CC-free. Feel free to replicate them in TS3 if you really want to. I also invite you to use, alter, retool, and generally do as you like with them.

You may not upload and share the houses in their original forms, please just point to here when asked. You may upload and share your versions of these houses, but you may not upload to any kind of paysite.

I do not have a resource list at this time (and over 20,000 files to sort through before I do), so if you see a piece of CC and want to know where it is from, please just ask. I will be more than happy to give you as much information as I can.