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an introductory post of junk

So, here's where I put houses and stuff for download and/or replication and/or modification. Terms of use are on the profile page and listed in the sidebar, please be nice. :c

Regarding compatibility, note that I have all the expansions, and all the stuff packs. I try to avoid using CC in the lots I share, and I run everything through the clean installer before uploading it, but please be sure to double-check when you go to install them. I know it goes without saying, but if there are problems, please let me know so that I can fix it. C:

see the houses!

January Court

So according to the download stats of the December Lane Project, medium range starters were the most popular/most downloaded (aside from the bulk zip). Consequently, I bring you January Court, five houses with minimum or no CC, designed especially for large families. They are not quite as cheap as December Lane, ranging between +20k and +40k. But, I hope they'll suffice.

Read more...Collapse )

Download all January Court houses

Please install with Clean Installer and if downloading the bulk .zip, there are some recolours you will need to download yourself. Please check the entry above for the appropriate links.

If you want additional pictures of any of the houses, more information about them, or find a problem, please don't hesitate to give me a poke. I would also love to see any pictures you have of the houses in your games, so feel free to picspam me any time, no warning needed. C:


The December Lane Project

This is my little gift to you for the season: 10 homes for your sims! There are 5 starter homes, and 5 affordable homes for larger families. Read more...Collapse )
The end! If you want extra pictures of a lot before downloading it, please just ask. And as always, if there's a broken link or corrupted download or any such thing, do let me know. C:

I hope you enjoy them. :D

edit: I forgot!
Download all of the houses

A bulk zip of all 10 houses, for your convenience. C:


houses for your sims, from Krow


Here we have a small archive of houses that have been used in Krow at some time or another, accompanied by the occasional house that I built because I was bored.

They are only for TS2, and are generally CC-free. Feel free to replicate them in TS3 if you really want to. I also invite you to use, alter, retool, and generally do as you like with them.

You may not upload and share the houses in their original forms, please just point to here when asked. You may upload and share your versions of these houses, but you may not upload to any kind of paysite.

Please give credit where credit is due.

I do not have a resource list at this time (and over 20,000 files to sort through before I do), so if you see a piece of CC and want to know where it is from, please just ask. I will be more than happy to give you as much information as I can.

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